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40 years of service

At the end of a 10 hour activity day for Cub Scouts from Churt & Hindhead, held at the 1st Hindhead H.Q. on 24th June, Stephen Evans was presented with his 40 year Service Certificate by the Assistant District Commissioner for Cubs Chris Lloyd.  Stephen is currently an Asst. Cub Scout Leader with Churt and Hindhead Packs, but he has a long continuous service as a Leader.  He was a Wolf Cub (those were the days) and a Scout at 2nd Denham in Buckinghamshire, where he became an Asst.Scout Leader, before moving to the District Venture Scout Unit in Uxbridge.  He moved to Hindhead in 1979 as Scout Leader, his interests being very much in traditional Scouting, in particular camping, with 25 week long summer camps with the Scouts under his belt. For many years he hiked with the older Scouts along the South Downs Way in February.


Stephen gained his Queens Scout Award in 1976, which he received from Lord Baden Powell, the grandson of the founder Lord Baden Powell of Gilwell.


He was awarded the Silver Acorn in 2009 for specially distinguished services to Scouting.


Stephen Evans (Centre) with his certificate.  Chris Lloyd is on the left, with Peter Prociuk, the Group Scout Leader at 1st Hindhead, on the right.


John Stone

Haslemere & District Scouts Media Manager


Scout Section Muir Trophy

On Thursday evening 15th June 4 Troops from Haslemere & District Scouts took part in the annual "Muir Trophy" competition, at Camelsdale recreation ground. Organised by Peter Callender, the Asst. District Commissioner for Scouts, each of the teams had 20 minutes to complete each of the four challenges which were 2 pioneering projects where bridges had to be built using poles and ropes; getting across a shark infested lake balancing on upturned buckets; and mapping and compass where signs and grid references were the key to success. Points were awarded 12,10,8,6.

  1st Haslemere crossing the shark infested waters

The winners were 1st Haslemere with 41 points, very very closely followed by  1st Camelsdale with 40, and 1st Fernhurst with 39. 1st Chiddingfold came in with 24 points.

 1st Haslemere with the "Muir Trophy"

After the presentation of the newly refurbished trophy by Peter, the teams took part in a tug-o-war, each team pulling best of 3 against the others, and the winners again were Haslemere, and received the tug-o-war trophy to add to their collection. 

1st Haslemere with the tug-o-war trophy

Well done Haslemere.


John Stone

Haslemere & District Scouts Media Manager

St Georges Day 2017


On St. George's Day Sunday 23rd April, approximately 300 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorer Scouts, and Leaders, attended their annual service, this year at St. Christopher's Church in Weyhill.  The Church was full to capacity, with parents standing at the back, and the service was led by the Rev. Mary Bowden.  At the start of the service the District Commissioner Fr Jonathan How asked some of the Scouts what they knew about St. George.  One Scout said, "his favourite colour was green". Think he must have been confusing St. George with Robin Hood!  Then Jamie Short, the Explorer Scout Commissioner, outlined some of the stories of St. George and the dragon, some to be believed and some not!  During the service the District Commissioner presented 4 Long Service Awards:- Matthew Beveridge 5 years; Clare Short & Stuart Ward 10 years; Chris Lloyd 15 years. 3 Explorer Scouts had gained the Duke of Edinburgh Award:- Georgina Dayne Bronze, Max Smith Silver, and Joe Byham Gold.  Sue Styles, Cub Scout Leader at Churt received the Chief Scout's Commendation for good services.


All Promises were renewed, the Beaver Scouts led by Sue Gibbon, the Cub Scouts led by Chris Lloyd.  Jamie Short read the Scout Laws, and then the District Commissioner led the Scouts, Leaders, and any others who had previously made the Scout Promise, in its renewal.  Following the National Anthem, colours were returned during the singing of "He's got the whole world in his hands".


John Stone

Haslemere & District Scouts Media Manager

District Cub Quiz


On Saturday 4th March teams of 6 Cub Scouts from 5 Packs in Haslemere & District, competed in a very close fought District round of the County Quiz, at the 1st Fernhurst Scout Headquarters. The competition lasted 3 hours with 7 rounds of questions including identifying badges; general knowledge; knots; music; maps; magic numbers, and movies. The afternoon was organised by Chris Lloyd the Assistant District Commissioner for Cub Scouts, and after he gave the answers to each round, the answer sheets were passed around clockwise to be marked by another Pack, before the results were recorded.  Finally, after the last round of movies, the scores were totted up and the results announced.  The winners with 40.5 points were Grayshott, a Pack very small in numbers (but obviously of high quality!!), with the runners up Haslemere very close behind with 39.5 points.  In 3rd position were Hindhead with 38.5; 4th Camelsdale with 35.5, and Churt not far behind with 32. Congratulations to Grayshott who will go forward to represent Haslemere & District in the County Competition on 19th March.



The winning team from Grayshott with their Leader Matthew Sabourn (Baloo) and the Assistant District Commissioner for Cub Scouts Chris Lloyd.


John Stone

Haslemere & District Scouts Media Manager


100 years of Cub Scouting

Cubs100 Celebration


On Friday 16th December Haslemere Hall was buzzing with about 150 excited Cub Scouts from around Haslemere and District, excited perhaps at the thought of being able to perform on that famous stage, many of them in fancy dress for their particular stint.  It was, of course, exactly 100 years since Baden-Powell founded the Wolf Cub section as it was then in 1916, the main purpose of this evening being the renewal of their Promise at precisely 7.16 p.m. (1916). This was being done all over the Country at exactly the same time. The evening was compered by Chris Lloyd the Asst. District Commissioner for Cub Scouts.  The District Commissioner Fr Jonathan How was present, as was the Haslemere Deputy Mayor, who said he had enjoyed the whole evening so much, as it brought back happy memories of his days in the Cubs.


1st Camelsdale Pack, representing the 1920's, opened the evening with a Bugsy Malone song, followed by the 1st Haslemere Pack representing the 1930's. This was the year the 999 system and the FIFA World Cub started, and the first woman was to fly across the Atlantic. They sang "The wonderful wizard of Oz". Next came 1st Hindhead Pack representing the 1940's and they sang "Rudolf the red nosed reindeer".  Then came another bunch from 1st Camelsdale Pack all dressed in blue & white striped tops complete with prison numbers, and of course they sang and danced to "Jailhouse Rock". 


1st Chiddingfold Pack represented the 60's and sang and danced to a Beatles number "Help" complete with the letters H - E - L - P which they held up every time the word was mentioned.


Next came 1st Fernhurst Pack representing the 70's and the "Punks" with the best collection of wigs ever to be seen.


The final entertainment spot was 1st Churt Pack who sang "You've got a friend in me".



At 7.16 p.m. precisely, all of the Cubs in a large circle around the hall, renewed their Cub Scout Promise led by Fr Jonathan How, and then the largest (and noisiest) Grand Howl heard for a long time took place.


Then arrived "The Peace Light" carried in by Ken Lindup, the chairman of 1st Chiddingfold. 


Sarah Brough the Vicar of St. Mary's at Chiddingfold outlined the story behind the light which had its origins in Austria and is now distributed throughout Europe.  It is an unbroken light originating in Bethlehem carrying a message of peace. It came into Dover in the custody of the Captain of a ferry for safety reasons, and from Haslemere Hall, lights that have been taken from it will be in Churches around the area over the Christmas period.


Then it was food time in the annexe so there was a mass exodus from the hall. A fantastic evening all round.