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District Cub Quiz


On Saturday 4th March teams of 6 Cub Scouts from 5 Packs in Haslemere & District, competed in a very close fought District round of the County Quiz, at the 1st Fernhurst Scout Headquarters. The competition lasted 3 hours with 7 rounds of questions including identifying badges; general knowledge; knots; music; maps; magic numbers, and movies. The afternoon was organised by Chris Lloyd the Assistant District Commissioner for Cub Scouts, and after he gave the answers to each round, the answer sheets were passed around clockwise to be marked by another Pack, before the results were recorded.  Finally, after the last round of movies, the scores were totted up and the results announced.  The winners with 40.5 points were Grayshott, a Pack very small in numbers (but obviously of high quality!!), with the runners up Haslemere very close behind with 39.5 points.  In 3rd position were Hindhead with 38.5; 4th Camelsdale with 35.5, and Churt not far behind with 32. Congratulations to Grayshott who will go forward to represent Haslemere & District in the County Competition on 19th March.



The winning team from Grayshott with their Leader Matthew Sabourn (Baloo) and the Assistant District Commissioner for Cub Scouts Chris Lloyd.


John Stone

Haslemere & District Scouts Media Manager